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Karadeniz’in Yalnız Nineleri

Karadeniz'in Yalniz Nineleri | Self-sacrificing Grandmothers of Black Sea

Self-Sacrificing Grandmothers of Black Sea starts its journey through the past of the Black Sea region of Anatolia. It presents stories from lives of elderly women of the region, who cannot give up the village and highland life where the traditional lifestyle is still dominant. They got married at an early age, living their lives along the rules of village life, they have failed to adopt to the urban life and culture. The documentary, which is a study of oral history, dwells on the daily rituals and problems of these elderly women who have witnessed at least three generations.


Kaan Atilla TaskinKaan Atilla Taşkın (Trabzon, Araklı, 1988) graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Radio, Cinema and TV in 2011. He received education on acting from Ayla Algan in Plato Film School. He worked as assistant director in various cinema films. In 2013 he attended Istanbul Cinema Center for eight months for education on film directing. He shot his short film "Bilyali" in Trabzon with his family. He later filmed 'Öğretmenim Nerede?' (Where is My Teacher) and 'Guguk Kuşu' (Cuckoo Bird). His short films were screened in various festivals in and outside Turkey. In 2017 he finished his first feature film 'Bulutların Ardında' (Beyond the Clouds) and a short, 'Karib'. 'Bulutların Ardında' has received many national awards while 'Karib" received awards in international festivals. He finished his documentary 'Karadeniz’in Yalnız Nineleri' (Self-sacrificing Grandmothers of Black Sea) in 2018. He continues working on cinema both in theory and practice.

1:00 pm

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Remis Auditorium
465 Huntington Avenue

In Competition

Directed by Kaan Atilla Taşkın
Doc. / 61 min. / 2018

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