Lutfi Karaaslan

Art Exhibition



eğer sen yoksan
aşkı yaratmayı denerim
parmaklarıyla hayal eden ressam gibi
geri dönmeyen günün renklerini
meydana getirmek

November 3 - December 15, 2017

Howard Thurman Center
Boston University
775 Commonwealth Avenue, Lower Level
Boston, MA

Friday, November 3, 2017

Lutfi Karaaslan

The canvas is a performative stage on which artist Lütfi Karaaslan explores the relationship between the real and the fictional, as well as the memories and reflections of newly created pasts and practiced traditions. On this plane, he intends to make visible the relationship between the real and unreal— the distance between them, the familiarity, overlapping, mutual rejection and abandonment.

The artist attempts to develop shared cultural forms and narratives based on themes of history, memory, collective consciousness, belief, inactivity, control, power, submission, acceptance, exclusion and excess. He aims to create key motifs that in turn represent the forms and sentiments of our social information model and the existential intentions and necessities of its representation politics.

Artist Statement:

"I would like my creative work to embody the spirit of a child who discovers for the first time his own quivering silhouette on a concrete wall midday — and that each move, each tilt of the head, stroke of the finger, corresponds to a world of change on that wall. The silhouette is in constant flux, as is the child, and there is tension between letting go and taking control. Such is the tension I navigate in these works.

We often see and experience only fragments made up of colors, shapes, beliefs, passions, signs and identities- selected and reassembled to form what we come to believe and accept as lived reality, and what we assign to others as their realities. But I set out to question the boundaries of these “realities” by highlighting the struggle between form and color, the fragile tension between foreground and background, and asking, “why and what do we decide to place within and beyond the lines and forms?” “Does the line define the boundary or vice versa?” For what’s within the boundary— whether one squints, looks closely or from afar—seeks to violate the boundary, and what remains is at once the familiar and the alien, a known pulse in a place unknown.

The forms and colors I explore and discover are both mutable and static, building on each other’s silence and noise, mobility and immobility, materiality and immateriality – the contrasts that we come to know as “being,” in which familiar forms are estranged and take on new meaning in a new dream, a new fantasy." -- Lütfi Karaaslan


Lutfi KaraaslanLütfi Karaaslan graduated from Dokuz Eylül University in Izmir with a degree in Painting in 2002. His paintings have appeared in mixed and solo exhibitions in Izmir, Ankara and Istanbul. He created his current series, In Between, out of Istanbul and Cambridge, MA. Beyond painting, he works as a storyboard artist for feature films and commercials, and he lives between Turkey and the U.S.


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Closed on Weekends and Thanksgiving

Co-presented with Boston University Howard Thurman Center