presented by ALPER TUZCU

Sunday, November 20, 2016
7:00 p.m.
170 Beacon Street, Boston

The Performers

Guitar/ Voice Alper Tuzcu - Istanbul, Turkey
Oboe/Voice Elif Çakmut - Istanbul, Turkey
Harp/ Voice Pia Salvia - Brussels, Belgium
Voice Enya Lim - Singapore
Violin Bengisu Gökçe - Istanbul, Turkey
Cello Cristobal Cruz-Garcia - Tijuana, Mexico
Percussion Daniel Feldman - Mexico City, Mexico

Between 12 Waters by Alper Tuzcu

"The current times that we live in, “postmodern” as they say, usually overlook history.

Despite the growing realm of the unknown about the future of our world, there’s also a growing lack of curiosity about our past. One would think - how can you know where you are going if you don’t know where you came from?

Between 12 Waters was born from this vision. Started in Valencia, it went beyond the Mediterranean - music of India, Brazil and United States also found its way in. It became an album of 12 songs with almost 12 different cultural influences.

Today, we will refocus it back into the Mediterranean. At a time when the overlapping heritages of Andulus, Roman and Ottoman Empire are either being forgotten and/or misrepresented, we need to rediscover the true essence of these heritages around the Mediterranean Sea: cosmopolitanism.

You will hear music influenced from Turkish folk, Armenian sacred music, Flamenco and music from many other cultures within the scope of the minimalism and beauty. I hope you enjoy it." -- Alper Tuzcu

Alper Tuzcu, Guitar/Voice

Alper TuzcuAlper Tuzcu began songwriting at the age of 11. Born and raised in Istanbul, in 2013 he started studying at Berklee College of Music with a scholarship granted during Berklee’s Umbria Jazz Clinics program in Perugia, Italy.

While studying songwriting and music production at Berklee, Tuzcu also lived in Valencia, Spain where he  founded the critically acclaimed Brazilian/Mediterranean music duo project “Aigua” with Bruna Lucchesi. Tuzcu recorded twice with multi-Grammy winner producer Javier Limon (Buika, Paco de Lucia, Maritza, Aynur); along with studying and performing with musicians such as Michael League (Snarky Puppy), Sergio Diaz Martinez (Paco de Lucia, Paul Simon), Sofia Rei and Guinga.

After graduating from Berklee in 2015 with a Magna Cum Laude in Bachelor of Music, he started a jazz/pop group called “Ark”.

In 2016 he released his first album “Between 12 Waters” through Palma Records consisting of 12 songs influenced from 12 different cultures. The album was critically acclaimed by the media around the world including United States, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Turkey. Hürriyet, the top selling daily national newspaper in Turkey, simply stated: “Here’s our calling to anyone who would like  to listen good music and to discover someone who’s likely to make his mark in the coming years: Follow Alper Tuzcu.”

Since 2015, Tuzcu has been contributing and consulting to music production and music education projects with Harvard University and iZotope Inc while conducting songwriting workshops in United States and Sri Lanka.

Tuzcu continues to explore different cultures and opportunities to strive as a global musician.

Elif Çakmut, Oboe/Voice

Elif CakmutSinger and Oboist Elif Cakmut began her musical training at very young age. Her journey began at home in Istanbul, Turkey guided by her mother who is a folk singer and conductor.

At the age of 10, while still being heavily immersed in the Turkish folk music around, Elif was accepted to Istanbul University State Conservatory as a classical oboist. She graduated with the honorary 'outstanding success award'. During her studies at the conservatory, she attended Bahcesehir Univesity as a jazz vocalist where she received two scholarships and a diploma. Elif had to chance to study with some of the greatest musicians such as Sibel Kose, Baki Duyarlar, Kevin Mahogany, Amy London, Maucha Adnet, Jane Monheit, Dominique Eade, Christian Schneider, Nancy Rumble, Caris Liebman, and Jean-Luc Fillon.

In 2013, she was accepted to Berklee College of Music on a scholarship, where Elif had the opportunity to perform and collaborate with incredible musicians and groups such as David Liebman, Terence Blanchard, Guinga, Antonio Serrano, and Dream Theater.

Elif has been developing different projects and collaborating with many colleagues. Over the summer 2016, Elif toured with her project 'The Mediant Collective' in Europe and also with her newest project 'Del Medio Oriente a Sudamerica' in Ecuador.

Bengisu Gökçe, violin

Bengisu GokceBengisu Gökçe was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1991.

After succeeding on the entrance audition for Mersin University State Conservatory, she became a student of Ebru Yunkus and attended the master classes of Cihat Askin, Ozcan Ulucan, Veniamin Varsawski and workshops by Nuri Iyicil, Albert Markov, Lucas David, Mikhail Gotsdiner and Stephan Picard.

In 2004, Gökçe joined the Mersin University Academic Chamber Orchestra. In the Gulden Turali National Violin Competition, organized by the Mersin University State Conservatory, she came in third in 2004 and 2008, won the Best Interpretation of a Turkish Piece Special Award in 2004, 2006 and 2008.

She has performed with the Bursa Regional State Symphony Orchestra and the Mersin University Academic Chamber Orchestra as a soloist and collaborated with other musicians such as Cihat Askin, Hagai Shaham and Itzhak Rashkovsky. She was one of the two concertmasters in the Dogus Kids Symphony Orchestra since its establishment in 2004 and graduated second in her class in June 2011 from Mersin University State Conservatory, where she has since worked as a teacher. Gokce has given concerts with the World Youth Orchestra in Germany, Italy and Monaco and Iran. In 2012, she got accepted to ‘Hanns Eisler’ College of Music in Berlin, Germany and studied with Prof. Stephan Picard. She was one in four Turkish students invited to play in the International Youth Chamber Orchestra founded by Turkish Cultural Organization TURKSOY and performed in concerts in the United States.

In January 2015, she got accepted into Berklee College of Music. As well as solo performances at Boston Symphony Hall, MIT Kresge Auditorium, Berklee Performance Center, she won the 2015 Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition and the 2016 Berklee Performance Division String Award. She was one in four fiddlers selected to perform with American fiddler Mark O’Connor and gave concerts with Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra in September.

As of January 2015, she is continuing her studies at Berklee College of Music.

Pia Salvia, Harp/Voice

Pia Salvia

Enya Lim - Voice

Enya LimHailing from the tiny tropical island state of Singapore, Enya is a singer-songwriter whose heartfelt writing explores the personal struggle of the individual that is in fact the universal glue binding humanity. Late to the music scene but no less keen about it, Enya has been performing and recording actively since moving to Boston in the Spring of 2013, where she is completing her studies at Berklee College of Music by December 2016. Beyond just technical skill and seasoned delivery, she aims for her music to be enjoyably authentic and resonate emotionally with listeners.

Cristobal Cruz-Garcia - Cello

Cristobal Cruz-GarciaCristobal Cruz Garcia is a 20 year old Mexican-American cellist and producer currently earning a dual degree in Cello Performance and Contemporary Writing and Production at the Berklee College of Music on a full tuition scholarship. Cruz Garcia currently lives in Tijuana, Mexico, but grew up in San Diego, California for a large part of his youth; he credits his musical fascination to the cultural diversity that comes with living on both sides of the border. As a contemporary soloist, he performs under the stage name “The Chillest Cellist”.


Daniel Feldman - Percussion

Daniel Feldman