Orkestra Marhaba

Concert - Sounds of Anatolia


Shanteri Baliga, ney, voice, bendir
Volkan Efe, ud, saz
Diana Traylor, oboe
Frederick Stubbs, ney, voice, bendir
Tev Stevig, tanbur, fretless guitar

Orkestra Marhaba was formed to introduce classical and jazz audiences to the Eastern Makam (modal) tradition. Drawn from the membership of a two-year study group, Orkestra Marhaba is comprised of artists, students, teachers, engineers, social workers and musicians.

The music played showcases composed instrumental (saz eserleri), vocal (şarkıları) music and improvisations (taksimleri) within the framework of Turkish Classical and Folk music. You will hear forms such as peşrev (instrumental prelude), saz semâisi (instrumental postlude), şarkı (light classical song), türkü (folk song), sirto, zeybek and oyun havası (dance forms) from the 17th century right through the 20th century.

Saturday, November 23, 2013
8:00 p.m.
170 Beacon Street, Boston

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General Admission $15, Students $12
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Limited Seating. First come first served.

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Shanteri Baliga (ney, voice, bendir) has been studying and performing Turkish classical and folk music since 1995 and is a graduate of Tufts University and the University of Massachusetts-Boston.

Volkan Efe

Volkan Efe (ud, saz) performed with various Turkish Music Ensembles in Washington DC and Chicago before moving to Boston. He is also a member of Cambridge Musiki Cemiyeti, where he studies various forms of Ottoman music as well as tanbur and ney.

Diana Traylor

Diana Traylor (oboe) graduated from Oberlin College and has performed with the Civic Symphony of Boston, Wellesley Symphony and freelance chamber music groups in the Boston area.

Frederick Stubbs

Frederick Stubbs (ney, voice, bendir) is a founding member of the Eurasia Ensemble, Euphony Groove and Orkestra Marhaba and has appeared with his teachers in Turkish music and with Experimental, Flamenco and Jazz musicians. He is a senior lecturer at the University of Massachusetts, Boston and a teacher of music and craft in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Tev Stevig

Tev Stevig (tanbur, fretless guitar) studies Jazz, Eastern European and Middle Eastern folk music, playing guitar, ud, tanbur, cümbüş and saz as well as Greek lauto and Macedonian tambura. Tev is a faculty member at Berklee’s City Music Program, the Lexington Montessori School, and Powers Music School in Belmont MA, and plays with a variety of other bands in the Boston area.