How is it like outside

Documentary and Short Film Competition


-- In Competition -


(Disarisi Nasil?)

Saturday, December 6, 2008,
1:00 p.m.
GSU Auditorium, 2nd Floor, Boston University
775 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston

Documentary / 2007 / 46 min. / Turkey
Written and directed by Nursel Dogan


A real-life story, this film is about the remarkable struggle of Yildiz against all odds for her freedom.

Yildiz was born in 1965 in Asagi Yayla, a village of Erzurum's district, Narman. Her brother who is a teacher wanted Yildiz to help their mother in housekeeping and took her from school when she was in forth grade. Her father sent her to "Medrese" for a better religious education. When Yildiz was 16, she was forced to marry her uncle's son who was much older than her. Later on, because of economical difficulties they moved to Istanbul. They tried to sustain their lives in a shanty house with two children under very difficult conditions. Because of her husband's irresponsibility and laziness, Yildiz had to look for a job, and she began to work as a cleaner in a school for mentally disabled children. Meanwhile, she discovered the existence of a very different life style than her own life which was surrounded by four walls. Her repressed curiosity for learning began to appear slowly and she entered into a period of questioning her life and herself. During this period, she was exposed to her husband's and her family's pressure and violence. With her connection with life, she resisted to this violence and her life started to change.

Festivals and Awards

13th Nurnberg Film Festival, Germany: Special Mention

27th Istanbul International Film Festival, Turkey
19th Ankara International Film Festival, Turkey
19th International Istanbul Short Film Festival, Turkey
11th International Flying Broom (Ucan Supurge) Film Festival, Turkey
3td International Labor Films Festival, Turkey


Nursel Dogan was born in Sivas. After working in a construction firm for a while, she took an interest in cinema. She filmed documentaries, fictional and educational movies. She worked as assistant in many films, series and documentary films, and she also acted in various short films.