Dialogues in the Dark

Documentary and Short Film Competition


-- Non-Competition -


(Karanlikta Diyaloglar)

Saturday, December 6, 2008, 1:00 p.m.
GSU Auditorium, 2nd Floor, Boston University
775 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston

Documentary / 2006 / 65 min. / Turkey
Directed by Melek Ulagay Taylan


A Swedish cameraman Ulla and a Turkish filmmaker Melek travel in the southeastern region of Turkey, pursuing the stories of women who are under the threat of being killed by their male relatives because of their unaproved relationships with men. The stories they hear from the persecuted women and others lead them into questioning such concepts as honor or shame, the victim and the aggressor, and the customs of tribal patriarchal society, which victimize both the male and the female. They begin to interview men alongside women. They meet with women from the region who have set-up an organization called Kamer (Women’s Center), working for the women rights.

Festivals and Awards

3rd KIN International Film Festival, Armenia: FIPRESCI Prize
29th Créteil International Women’s Film Festival, France: Documentary Films Youth Jury Mention Prize

9th Mediterranean Documentary Film Festival, Lavrio, Greece
Bodrum International Documentary Film Festival, Turkey
25th International Istanbul Film Festival, Turkey
4th International Filmmor Women Film Festival on Wheel, Turkey
8th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Thessaloniki, Greece
8th Amnesty International Film Festival, Amsterdam, Holland


Melek Ulagay TaylanMelek Taylan graduated from the Department of English Literature and Creative Writing of Istanbul University. She continued her studies in the Political Science Faculty of Ankara, obtaining an MA in International Relations. She worked as an Associate Professor in the Middle East Technical University – Dept of Humanities, through 1976-1982. After 1982 she became a freelance journalist in Istanbul writing mainly for weekly and monthly magazines as well as working as a producer and scriptwriter in Yorum&Publicis, one of the major advertising agencies of Turkey. She is also founder and board member of the Helsinki Citizens Assembly, a major human rights NGO in Turkey. In 1992 she set up Ajans21, independent film company, where she is working as a producer and scriptwriter.

Damming the Euphrates (Producer, 2001, 52 min.)
The Encounter (Producer, 2000, 52 min.)