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A woman, trapped between her marriage and housework, dreams of freedom by pedalling the sewing machine.


  • Istanbul International Short Film Festival, Turkey (2018): Special Jury Prize
  • Bornova Municipality Short Film Competition, Izmir, Turkey (2018): Special Mention
  • AFSAD Short Film Festival, Turkey (2018): Best Fiction
  • Marmaris International Short Film Festival, Turkey (2018)
  • Izmir International Short Film Festival, Turkey (2018): Special Selection
  • Uşak International Winged Seahorse Short Film Festival, Turkey (2018)
  • Munich Turkish Film Days, Germany (2018)


    Burkay Dogan

    Burkay Doğan (Ankara, 1982) graduated from Anadolu University in Civil Engineering in 2005. He published two literature journals during his undergraduate years. He started photography in ANFO photography club and participated in two mixed exhibitions. His first video project was "Tungsten" in 2005 with and participated in Middle East Technical University's video festival. He made his first short film, "Uğur Kaymazlar Hakkında" (About Uğur Kaymazlar) in 2006, and received Best Experimental Film Award in 19th Istanbul International Short Film Festival. With this award, supported by the Embassy of The Netherlands, he went to The Netherlands with other filmmakers as cultural ambassadors. After this date, he continued working many short films. He participated in Hamburg Film Festival in 2007 with "Ortalama 40 çöp" (Stop-Motion). The film's distribution rights were bought by London based Future Shorts. Next year the film was selected among 9 animated films in the world by Nine National Animation in the U.S. His experimental film, "Ankaradenizi", in 2007 was screened in many national and international festivals. In the meantime he started his master's degree in Anadolu University on Cinema and Television. In 2008 he began working in Kadıköy-Kartal subway construction as an engineering and continued film making. In 2008 "Anoptikon" and "Dilberlerin Düğünü" traveled festivals and received awards. In 2009 he received special jury prize in Adana Golden Boll Festival's competition among the Mediterranean countries. In the following years, he continued to make at least two films per year. In 2012 he began working in Ankara Keçiören subway project as an engineer. As of today he has made about 30 short films and documentaries, and many video projects. Currently he is working on a feature length project, "Kör Nokta".


    Tungsten (video-art) 2005
    Uğur Kaymazlar Hakkında (experimental short) 2006
    Ortalama 40 çöp / Stop-Motion (animation) 2007 2’20”
    Ankaradenizi (experimental short) 2007
    Geri Dönüşüm Topu (experimental short) 2007
    Dilek Ağacı (animation) 2007
    Adaletsiz (experimantal short) 2007
    Sahneler (experimental short) 2008
    Anoptikon (documentary-video art) 2008
    Kırmızı Etsek Düşleri (short fiction) 2008
    Dilber’lerin Düğünü (experimental short) 2008
    Üç Düğüm (experimental short) 2008
    Gözetleme Yuvası (experimental short) 2009
    Isırık (experimental short) 2009
    Sana Meylim Var.. (short fiction) 2009
    Failler ve Meçhuller (experimental short) 2009
    Bir Kentin Pornografisi (videoart) 2009
    Bir çocuğun Askerlik Anıları (experimental short) 2011
    Melih Gökçek ve Demokrasi (videoart) 2009
    Kırılma (short fiction) 2010
    Taş Atan Çocuklar (experimental short) 2010
    Kanser (experimental short) 2012
    Sökük - Zamanlıkta iğne batsa (short fiction) 2014
    Olası Maktul Halleri (experimental short) 2013
    Parkour (documentary short) 2014
    Şem (animated short) 2014
    Terörün Cizre'si (Documentary) 2015
    Ateşten Suya (Documentary) 2016
    Tıkanma (short) 2017
    KörNokta (feature) 2017
    İsmigül (documentary, editor) 2017
    Karşı (short) 2017
    Vahide (short) 2018


    FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2019
    7:00 pm

    Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
    Remis Auditorium
    465 Huntington Avenue


    In Competition

    Directed by Burkay Doğan
    Short / 6 min. / 2018

    Cast: Esra Yeşer, Selim Kalıç


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