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Baskên Şikestî / Kırık Kanatlar

Kirik Kanatlar - Broken Wings

Robin is a 15 year old who loves to spend time with pigeons. His father Ismail is a partridge hunter and against his son’s dedication to pigeons. This results in a conflict between father and son, and a secret which the father hides comes to surface in the son.


  • Asia South East-Short Film Festival: Honor Award
  • Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival, France: Shorts Selection from Turkey
  • Lake View International Film Festival, India: Best Cinematography
  • Red Corner Film Festival, Sweden: Best Sound Effect (Velit Ataklı)
  • SineMardin International Mardin Film Festival, Turkey
  • Los Angeles Cinefest
  • Trabzon Cinema Association, Turkey: Short Film Selections
  • Oniros Film Awards, Italy
  • All Seas Film Festival
  • Berlin Flash Film Festival, Germany
  • Roma Cinema DOC, Italy
  • Barcelona Planet Film Festival, Spain
  • Bucharest ShortCut Cinefest, Romania
  • International Film Festival of Nepal
  • Miami Independent Film Festival
  • International Short Film Festival Radio City, Spain
  • Cinema of the Word, India
  • Tres Court International Very Short Films Festival


Kadir EmanKadir Eman (Mardin, 1991) completed his high school education in Kızıltepe. In 2010 he started working in cinema after being influenced by TV and cinema crews coming to Southeast to make films. He received education in cinema at independent film workshops, mostly on screenplay writing. He worked in many short film and commercial projects in various capacities. He filmed Broken Wings in 2017.

3:30 pm

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Remis Auditorium
465 Huntington Avenue

In Competition

Directed by Kadir Eman
Short / 7' 15" / 2017
Cast: Celal Öztekin, Semire Aydemir, İsmail Çelik

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