Boston Turkish Film Festival

Hacı Ali

Hi Jolly

The legendary of Hi Jolly goes back to 1857. He was an Ottoman soldier immigrant to America at the age of 22. He was whispering to camels and his stories still comes to date. He was the leader of the camel troops in the American Army. Served over thirty years at the American Government and Army, his name is imprinted as “Hi Jolly” referring his happy and pleasant personality. Upon his death, number of poems, songs and festivals are held to honor Hi Jolly.


Mert Turkoglu

Mert Türkoğlu (Bremen, Germany, 1973) is an award winning, fiction-based photographer whose work focuses on portraits. Mert holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts with a specialization in photography and graphic design.

7:00 pm

Boston University
GSU Auditorium
755 Commonwealth Avenue (2nd Floor)

In Competition

Directed by Mert Türkoğlu
Doc. / 45 min. / 2017

Free admission.

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