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Gülen Gözler Matinesi

Gulen Gozler Matinesi

Ferit who adores the cinema of the 70’s is now obsessed with the clinic he discovered a long time ago. A man whose real name is a mystery runs this clinic under the nickname Doctor. In private sessions he uploads unforgettable scenes from old Turkish movies to his patients’ brains as memories.


  • Antalya Film Festival, Antalya Film Forum, Short Film Category, Turkey
  • İzmir Short Film Festival, National Panorama, Turkey
  • Uşak Seahorse with Wings (Kanatlı Denizatı) Film Festival, National Film Competition, Turkey
  • Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival, Film Market, Shorts From Turkey Selection
  • Short Film Collective Short Film Festival, Turkey
  • Tres Court Very Short Film Festival, National Competition, Turkey


Burak KaplanBurak Kaplan (Izmir, 1985), after completing his bachelor studies in the Department of Business Administration at Istanbul Bilgi University, received a master’s degree on Cinema - TV. He has written film critics on varioius websites such as Sanatatak, Mynet Sinema and Zero Istanbul. He has also produced programs and interviews. Since 2012 he has been working in Okan University, Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture, Department of Cinema-TV.

5:30 pm

Boston University
GSU Auditorium
755 Commonwealth Avenue (2nd Floor)

In Competition

Directed by Burak Kaplan
Short / 26' 50" / 2017
Cast: Yusuf Akgün, Engin Benli, Berna Koraltürk, Ayşin Yeşim Çapanoğlu, Tuğçe Aydın, Evre Ertaş

Free admission.

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