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Fırat’ın Tutsağı

Firat'in Tutsagi

Luciobarbus Esocinus (Fırat Turnası) is a fish endemic to the Euphrates River which is about to get extinct because of three dams built over the river. This documentary portrays the survival struggle of this fish in this new environment through interviews with scientists and local fishermen.


Cuneyt AlpayCüneyt Alpay (Istanbul, 1962) is a mountain guide, travel photographer, editor and author. He speaks English and German. In early 2000’s, he ran an online magazine which was one of top three visited web sites in Turkey. His passion, experiences and memories of fishing was reflected in his book, “Balık Avı Hikayeleri” (Fishing Stories), published by Denizler Kitabevi. He made several documentaries based on the places and people that he met while he was traveling for amateur fishing and underwater photography. His 24-minute long documentary, “Sivrice’de Bir Usta” (A Master in Sivrice), is about Vedat Abayoğlu who is considered to be one of the last surviving amateur fishing masters. He made “Fırat’ın Tutsağı” (Trapped in the Euphrates) to draw atention to Luciobarbus Esocinus (Fırat Turnası), an endemic largest freshwater fish of Turkey, which is about to become extinct because of the new dams built in the region. The film was completed in 2018.

8:00 pm

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Remis Auditorium
465 Huntington Avenue

In Competition

Directed by Cüneyt Alpay
Doc. / 25 min. / 2018

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