Boston Turkish Film Festival

Sessizliğin Kardeşleri / Birayên Bêdengîyê

Brothers of Silence | Birayen Bedengiye | Sessizligin Kardesleri

6:00 pm

Boston University
GSU Auditorium
775 Commonwealth Avenue

In Competition

Directed by Taylan Mintaş
Doc. / 86 min. / 2017

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Stunningly cinematographed, set in the rarely filmed Turkey’s Eastern region of Kars, “Brothers of Silence” is a hymn to the power of human spirit over the limitations of the body.

Located in the Northeast Turkey, the province of Kars is tucked away between the Plato of Eastern Anatolia and Armenia.  Stunningly beautiful land known for its hot summers and harsh winters is where the story of Brothers of Silence unfolds.  

A random example in Turkish documentary making of the Cinéma Vérité both in style and storytelling, loosely scripted film's plot evolves around the family of the filmmaker's mute cousins Toso and Çao Mintas  who he  follows for four years. Respectfully carrying out his observation, Taylan Mintaş creates an intimate slow burning "a la" Jean Rouch movie utilizing meditative and melancholic moods combined with sharp images and the breathtaking panoramas of North East Turkey.


  • !F İstanbul & New Film Fund Atlas-Post Production Award, Turkey
  • Istanbul International Film Festival, Turkey


Taylan Mintas


In 2008, Taylan Mintaş (Kars, 1987) entered the Department of Painting-Craft in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Marmara University. He completed his bachelor degree in 2012. He opened two solo exhibitions and his work was shown in many mixed exhibitions. He shot “I Got an Idea!”, an experimental video art movie, in 2015. He shot another short film, “0 RH-“, in 2016. He was the director of photography, editor and co-producer of documentary film “From the Space Syria is Here” which was broadcast on ‘The Guardian’s website. He started writing his first feature length script, “The Murder”, which was selected to Antalya Film Festival’s Film Support Fund in 2015. The artist is carrying out his works in a studio based in İstanbul.


From the Space Syria is Here; Guardian, documentary. DOP and editor, also co-producer.
0 Rh- (Short fiction, Director and Scriptwriter, 2016)
I got an Idea! (Short Fiction film, Director and Scriptwriter, 2015)
The Monstrous (Short Fiction film,  Co-director and DOP, 2011)




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