Boston Turkish Film Festival

Rafet’in Çocukları

Rafet'in Cocuklari | The Children of Rafet

7:00 pm

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Remis Auditorium
465 Huntington Avenue

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In competition
Directed by Mümin Barış & Reşit Ballıkaya
Doc. / 60 min. / 2016 / Germany, Turkey

After arriving in Berlin for a meeting, Rafet could not return to Turkey when the military coup of 1980 took place in Turkey. His stay lasted for 25 years. During that period, Rafet has educated four young immigrant children about philosophy, psychology, politics, and arts, who are now in their 30s. Oktay is the aggressive cook/philosopher; Adem is stubborn, working in a fast-food restaurant; Rıza is cold, frosty, trying to be a taxi driver for the last 10 years. Kalender is a good father although depressed, cleaning toilets. Their lives intersect through their commitments to Rafet: a father, an idol, an übermensch, or a troublesome old man. The film aims to document the lives of those characters, each very unique, focusing on key themes of immigration, loneliness, culture differences, family life, and longing for “heimat”.

Selected Festivals and Awards

  • Istanbul International Film Festival, Turkey



Mümin Barış was born in Kırcaali, Bulgaria. Due to political reasons he and his family had to immigrate to Istanbul while he was seven years old. He lived in Istanbul for 17 years, studied environmental engineering in Istanbul Technical University until he got accepted to the film school FAMU in Prague. After studying film directing there, he studied MA Film Studies in King’s College London. Now, he is working as a filmmaker in Berlin.

Reşit Ballıkaya was born in 1986 in Turkey. He's been living in Berlin for the last 14 years. Besides his interest on film directing, he writes poems and scripts.



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