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170 Beacon Street, Boston

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In competition
Directed by Roko Noyan Babataşı
Short / 15 min. / 2015
Cast: Irma Roksen Lülü, Suzin Akalan, Metin Akgülder, Cem Coşkun Öz, Ali Baba

Esel lost her husband recently so she relocated to Istanbul. Currently Esel looks for a place to live. What she does not realize is that the apartment she is about to rent has been ‘seeking’ her as well. Esel rents an apartment with a spirit trapped in it. Decades ago Selin, a woman who caused the death of her husband and committed suicide afterwards, lived here. Ever since Selin’s spirit has been trapped in this apartment, has been waiting to be set free.



Roko Noyan Babatasi

Noyan Babataşı (Istanbul,1980) studied in the Communications Faculty for his BA degree, after which he became a photographer for the advertising and fashion industry. This path led him to advertising and  becoming creative director, and then film director. During his professional career he participated in five mixed visual art exhibitions, with the title “Aşkın Damakta Kalan Tadı”, as well as directing  video clips and commercials broadcasted on television. FareWellcome is director’s first short film, completed in 2015.





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