Friday, November 13, 2015
5:00 p.m.

Remis Auditorium, Museum of Fine Arts
465 Huntington
Avenue, Boston

(6 short films)

Gri Bölge

In Competition

Directed by Derya Durmaz
Cast: Nazan Kesal, Nazlı Bulum
Short / 7 min. / 2015

Gri Bolge | Mother Virgin No More


An old habit of a young woman, laughing when nervous, causes the person who knows her best, her mother, to find out she is not a virgin any more. Now it’s the loving, caring mother - daughter relationship that is virgin no more…

Selected Festivals and Awards

Berlin Film Festival, Generations 14plus Short Film Competition


Derya DurmazDerya Durmaz has a BA in Economy, an LLM in Human Rights Law and received Acting training. She received ‘Best Project Award’ from the “Armenia Turkey Cinema Platform” and ‘Production Support Award’ from the Turkish Ministry of Culture with her first short film she wrote and directed, “Ziazan”. Ziazan won the ‘Friese Award’ at the ‘Mo&Friese Hamburg Children's Short Film Festival’ . The film participated in 40 international film festivals in 17 countries and won 9 awards from April 2014 to May 2015. She also received ‘Script Development Support’ from the Turkish Ministry of Culture with the first feature film script; “Earth Angels”.  Her second short film “Mother Virgin No More” was selected to the “65th Berlinale Generations 14plus Short Film Competition” in February 2015.

As an actress she took part in more than 10 feature films which participated in International festivals - such as the “Blue Wave” which competed in 64th Berlinale - and many TV productions. She works with the Persona Theater Company from Athens and took part in their two international productions which were staged in Greece, Turkey and Iran. In line with her degree in Human Rights Law, Durmaz also takes part in NGO projects related to human rights, migrant and refugee rights, youth and arts. Currently she co-ordinates an EU funded project on giving Human Rights Awareness and Short Film Making workshops to vulnerable children in 14 cities of Turkey and Amsterdam, Netherlands.