Saturday, November 7, 2015
7:45 p.m.

170 Beacon Street, Boston


Düğün - Hochzeit auf Türkisch

In Competition

Directed by Ayşe Kalmaz, Marcel Kolvenbach
Doc. / 89 min. / 2015 / Germany

Dugun | Marriage the Turkish Way | Hochzeit auf Tuerkisch


Focusing on the co-existence of different cultures and love in times of war, “Düğün” is an intimate and sensitive portrait of a cultural minority, which has become the mainstream for many. In Marxloh where the glory of heavy industry has long since faded, now it’s time for the children of the first Turkish ""Gastarbeiter"" who establish a new industry of emotions. Everything revolves around weddings and the business that can be made with it. ""Düğün"" offers a deeper insight into the emotional worlds of young couples and their families. We experience weddings as the search for happiness in a state of rootlessness. And the longing for a sense of home in others: the deepest human desire that overcomes all religious and cultural borders.

Ayse Kalmaz | Marcel Kolvenbach


Turkish-Kurdish filmmaker Ayşe Kalmaz has her very own view on Turkish marriage culture in Germany. Being an important part of the Turkish diaspora life, during the celebrations that include lavish gifts, colorful dresses and boisterous dances, the longing for the beauty of tradition becomes tangible. The difficulty of integrating the same values and ideas into everyday life in a radically different context is something Ayşe Kalmaz is very much aware of.  She was born in Izmir, Turkey and came to Germany on her own when she was 11 years old. She gained her first cinematic experiences when working for several film productions. Düğün - Marriage the Turkish Way is her first feature length documentary, which she has completed together with award-winning filmmaker Marcel Kolvenbach.


Marcel Kolvenbach has been working as a filmmaker for 20 years. His projects have brought him to South America to investigate about coca farmers and to Africa to tell the story of Africa's business with uranium mining. His film Atomic Africa won the Gold World Medal of the New York Festival 2014. He has been nominated for the prestigious German Grimme Award twice and won the Grimme Online Award in 2015.