Saturday, November 7, 2015
12:30 p.m.

Remis Auditorium,
Museum of Fine Arts

465 Huntington Avenue, Boston

(7 short films)


In Competition

Directed by Mizgin Müjde Arslan
Cast: Ada Burke
Short / 10 min. / 2015



Ada is a young woman from Turkey who has come to live in London. While she struggles financially she works as a tailor and drama teacher. Her students put on a play. In their play there is a connection between game and death.

Mizgin Müjde ARSLAN

Mizgin Mujde ArslanMizgîn Müjde Arslan was born in 1981 in Mardin. She worked as a reporter for Dicle News Agency when she was still a student. Her essays on culture and cinema were published in various magazines and newspapers. She received various national and international awards with her first short, Son Oyun / The Last Game (2006). Her later short films Nora (2007) and Tov / The Seed (2009) were followed by her first documentary, Kirasê Mirinê: Hewîtî / A Fatal Dress, Polygamy (2009). She is the author of the books Rejisör Atıf Yılmaz (2007), the first book regarding Kurdish Cinema Kurdish Cinema: Rootlessness, Border and Death (2009), and Yeşim Ustaoğlu: Water, Death and Journey (2010). She is pursuing her PhD at Bahçeşehir University on Film and Media Studies. Ez Firiyam Tu Ma Li Cih / I Flew, You Stayed (2012) premiered in Istanbul Film Festival’s national film competition, and selected as the best documentary of the year by SIYAD (Turkish Film Critics Association). She had her acting debut in Houses with Small Windows, which she co-wrote; the film received EFA Best European Short Film Award at the Venice Film Festival. “Asya”, which she directed, received special jury prize at Atıf Yılmaz Short Film Competition. Since 2013, Arslan continues her work in London through Blue Arts Film Academy.