Biyoloji Sinavi - The Biology Exam


Biyoloji Sınavı

In Competition

Written and Directed by Ozan Yıldırım
Cast: Sencer Sağdıç, Melda Anıl Köse, Ekin Ekemen
Short / 6 min. / 2013


Elif’s father Hüseyin is called to school by her biology teacher to discuss Elif’s recent low grades. As the teacher asks questions Hüseyin keeps silent. Then he asks, “Which cells in the body die first?” …

A story about the hunger strikes in 2000.



Haydar DemirtasOzan Yıldırım was born in 1988 in Ankara. He graduated from the Interior Architecture Department of Çankaya University in 2010. After graduating, he has been working as graphic designer and assistant director for many companies. He has been shooting short films since 2007 and  has 10 short films. His filmography includes “One Meter Twenty-Four Centimeters” (2007); “09/02/2008” (2008);  “Death of Time” (2008); “Wanted” (2008); “Hyperbole” (2009); “Silence Movie” (2010); “And Juliet” (2011); “Surplus Value” (2012); “Sunflower Seed” (2013); “Biology Exam” (2013).

Tuesday, November 12, 2013, 6:00 p.m.
Conference Auditorium, Boston University
775 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston