Berfo Ana


33 Yıllık Direniş - Berfo Ana

In Competition

Written and Directed by Veysi Altay
Documentary / 53 min. / 2013


After a military coup took place in Turkey on September 12, 1980 many people were arrested, interrogated, tortured, executed, and lost. One of those people who were lost was Cemil Kırbayır. He was arrested in Göle on September 13, 1980 and his family never heard of him after October 7, 1980. Cemil’s mother Berfo Kırbayır was 72 years old at the time, and for 33 years she kept looking for Cemil. There was not one single official whom she didn’t contact to find her son but she always returned empty handed. In 2011, a commission established by the Grand Assembly accepted the fact that Cemil Kırbayır died under torture when he was arrested on September 12th. But the family wasn’t informed where they could find his grave.

“Berfo Ana” died at the age of 105. Çankaya Municipality of Ankara has laid the foundation of a park for her memory commenced in August 2013 and putting up a statue in her honor by sculptor  Metin Yurdanur.



Veysi AltayVeysi Altay, born in 1975 in Ağrı, is involved in photography for 12 years, taking photos for many theater and dance performances, magazines, movies and newspapers. He had five exhibitions both abroad and at home.  For 10 years, Altay had worked with the Human Rights Association and held the positions of manager both at the headquarters and offices, library manager, coordinator and trainer at various education programs both abroad and at home. In addition, he studied and prepared reports on land mines, lynch culture, nationalism, seasonal workers, etc., wrote for various newspapers and magazines, held a management position with Amnesty International, and participated as speaker at various panels and conventions.
He directed documentaries called “Tornedo” and “State is the Perpetrator”. His works also include a book, “We, the disappeared” available in three languages. Altay was also consultant, director, dubbing and set photographer for various motion pictures.

Saturday, November 16, 2013, 3:00 p.m.
Remis Auditorium, Museum of Fine Arts
465 Huntington Avenue, Boston