Rastgele Orsa


Rastgele Orsa

In Competition

Written and Directed by Hüseyin Bulut

Doc. / 33 min. / 2012


Our seas have been contaminated for many years. Although that contamination doesn’t catch our eyes, fishermen are witnesses for this, moreover they catch the contamination with their fishnets. They don’t know if the annihilation of the species depends on this pollution, but there’s a fact that both polluted seas and radars which they call technology, can’t find the fish; become a nightmare for fishermen whose job has been always so hard.

Despite all obstacles, fishermen who try live on by their paths with patience and obstinacy, stick their fishnets with their hearts and souls, by the hope of the beautiful days to come. This documentary is about fishermen’s lives, wishes, complains, workings, hardships which they face and most importantly how we contaminate our seas...

Hüseyin BULUT

Huseyin BulutHüseyin Bulut was born in İstanbul in 1986. In 2005 he started studying in Maltepe University’s Faculty of Animation with full scholarship from where he graduated with honors. In 2008, he worked in Turkish-Greek workshops organized by Istanbul Animation Festivals and Maltepe University, and he made his short animation, Vol. In 2010, he directed his short film “Sixshot and Goal / Altıpatlar Tekkale”, dedicated to criminal children. Both “Vol” and “Sixshot and aGoal / Altıpatlar Tekkale” were screened in many international and national festivals and received awards, including the 2010 Boston Turkish Festival Documentary and Short Film Competition. Since 2011 he has been working in the commercials, as assistant to directors in many projects. In 2012 he directed “Rastgele Orsa”, which required a preparation for more than a year.


Saturday, December 1, 2012, 3:15 p.m.
Remis Auditorium, Museum of Fine Arts
465 Huntington Avenue, Boston