Colors of Anatolia
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Directed by Z. Tulin Sertoz

Documentary. 2004, 54' 44" 
In Turkish with English subtitles


The porcupine calls her youngster “my dear ball of cotton” as the saying goes. Yes we love our babies but we love them better when they are asleep! 


Throughout Anatolia babies have been brought up by lullabies since the beginning of time. Lullabies may have the most meaningless words ever or they may contain the meaning of life. It makes no difference, no one will ever applaud its singers because this is a work that will never be acknowledged. The more meaningless and more monotonous, they better they are... Another aspect of the lullabies is that they are a means of outlet; a means where the mother shares her secret problems with the baby. 

This film documents lullabies sung by different mothers leading totally different ways of life in different parts of Turkey. It is a documentary of many lullabies as well as life styles and mother-baby relationships. Home-made baby swings, cribs, homes, as well as archaic ways of taking care of the babies that remain from times before days of plentitude like for instance, wrapping the baby in a piece of cloth filled with earth... are subjects of this documentary.  

Harp player Ceren Necipoglu cements the scenes with classical lullabies from various composers.






A graduate of the Middle East Technical University with B.S. and M.S. degrees in Economics, Dr. Tulin Sertoz received her Ph.D. from the Northwestern University's TV-Film Department. Since 1985 she has been working in the Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) and has made many documentaries as director, producer and writer. She has participated in and awarded in numerous film festivals. 

Selected Filmography: 

Turks in America
Gallipoli Revealed (2005)
Portraits: Dr. Munci Kalaycioglu (2004)
Portraits: Dr. Mehmet Oz (2004)
Quiet Shall Flow the River Coruh (2003)
Story of the Stove (2000)
The Wrestler's Dream (1993)
Spring in Anatolia (1989)
Story of Yoghurt (1986)



Saturday, November 25 at 7 p.m.

Main Auditorium
Harvard Film Archive
Carpenter Center for the Arts, Cambridge