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In Competition

"The One Who Plays With His Life"

Directed by Ozay Sahin

Documentary. 2005, 75 minutes 
In Turkish with English subtitles

Born dead in this century.
A part of us is lost through erosion.
A part of us is burning in Hakkâri.
A part of us is sniffing glue in Beyoğlu.

                                Taken from a song from Siya Siyabend group

Murat and Ahmet Öztürk are two brothers living in Istanbul-Beyoğlu. The film portrays their life with their band, Siya Siyabend; their friend Hasan Işık, an inhalant-sniffing street kid; and their pursuit of freedom by the wrong means.

Can Baz follows members of the Siya Siyabend music group and homeless Hasan (age 16) while they make music, chat with passers-by, and live most comfortably on the streets of Beyoğlu, the bustling center of Istanbul. While young director Özay Şahin spends time with Dede Murat, Hemo Ahmet and Hasan, she also gives us a chance to see their lives and their search for freedom along the axis of non-belonging and non-identities. The Can Baz does not limit itself to their lives in Istanbul; in a manner that is partly documentary and partly fiction, the film also carries the audience over to Tunceli, where at least some of the answers are to be sought. The bonds of friendship and the desire to break existing norms all figure in to this film which might also make viewers feel like they are eavesdropping on close friends. 


She was born in 1976 in Erzincan and she has been living in Germany since 2001. From 1989 through 2001 she worked as an actress and a jongler. Later she worked with the Taz-Perşembe (special section of a major German newspaper) for one year, writing articles about artists and culture. Since 1997 she has been an active screenplay writer, producer and director of short films. She is currently studying Sound and Video Design. Can Baz is her first feature length documentary.


Saturday, November 25 at 9 p.m.

Main Auditorium
Harvard Film Archive
Carpenter Center for the Arts, Cambridge